Daniel Silva works with installations that informed by nature and technology. Perception and contemplation play an integral role in forming a cohesion that is not led by a fixed narrative. Among the materials used by Silva are beeswax, magnets, charcoal, metal and wood, all fundamental in delivering an orchestrated interplay of emotive and referential cues.

 “As a shifting, malleable substance, beeswax is central to Silva’s practice. Reflecting an interest in how a material will represent its environment, he indicates that wax produced by a given bee colony will display the characteristics and qualities of its surroundings: the flowers, season and weather conditions present when the wax was produced. As a result, beeswax is framed as the product of the swarm’s ecological relationships, the emergent result of the organization of a singular body composed by a multitude. Silva’s interest in the product of a swarm organism is echoed by his intuition towards a conception of the lived experience as a multiplicity of sensory modalities — one where sight is not privileged over touch, smell, taste or hearing.”


Black Wax, Jasmin Blasco

June, 2018


The artist lives and works in London, UK.

Silva will be representing Italy in the project section of Art Fair Tokyo 2020, for more information on his work please visit: www.baertgallery.com/daniel-silva